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A Simple Hack For a Healthier Mouth

September 04, 2018

Tooth brushing is the cornerstone of hygiene for a healthy mouth. But do you rinse?

All kinds of toothpaste hold a range of minerals and antibacterials to help repair your teeth and keep the gums healthy.

But if you rinse with water after brushing your teeth, you wash away all these medicaments and lose their benefits.

Instead, after you brush, swish the foam around your teeth for 20 seconds, then spit it out and don’t rinse.

It will take your saliva about 20 minutes to clear the minerals from your mouth in that time your teeth will be absorbing those minerals repairing themselves.

If you do this last thing at night the effects are multiplied, as you go to sleep your saliva production stops and so the teeth are bathed in minerals overnight.

For kids between the ages of 6-16 this is especially important, as teeth erupt into the mouth they are immature, the surface underdeveloped. Not rinsing will allow these teeth to suck up the minerals and become incredibly strong, the effects are huge in preventing decay.

So remember BRUSH, SWISH and SPIT but DO NOT RINSE.

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