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Air purification

July 21, 2020

This is our new air purification tower, it contains a series of  increasingly fine air filters, but most importantly, houses a highly polished titanium chamber containing 16 UVC light tubes.

This tower was designed for an area larger than my entire practice, but placed in my surgery will purify and recycle the air every 5-6 minutes.

It monitors the air quality and automatically adjust the fan speed if it detects any change in particle levels in the room.

It will clear the air of all pathogens, even mercury vapour, with a 99.7% first pass kill rate

UVC is a short wavelength, high energy part of the radiation spectrum, found in natural sunlight. Thankfully it is filtered out by the earth’s ozone layer, as it is very damaging to our eyesight and skin, burning it in seconds.

UVC will kill or deactivate micro-organisms by destroying their nucleic acid and disrupting their DNA, to prevent the micro-organism from replicating, it has been used in industry since the mid 20th century for sterilisation and is useful against organisms that are hard to kill and are resistant to chemical attack.

UVC is widely used in operating theatres to sterilise all surfaces and contained air between operations.

UVC has not been widely tested against Covid-19 to date but is known to be effective against other coronavirus including SARs.

At the practice each surgery has a UVC air purification tower as well as one in the reception and waiting room area.

This forms one of the layers of defence the practice has put into place as we move forward, returning to work in the Covid-19 pandemic. These towers will be effective at providing air pure from all airborne virus, bacteria, spores and allergens and make the surgery healthier for all.

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