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This is a pain free, minimally invasive way to treat teeth.It is a state of the art technique use at Crescent Dental Health where the absence of noise and vibration proves very appealing to our patients!

Air abrasion is a method of minimal tooth preparation, a fine abrasive powder is used, under pressure to remove decay. The pressure can be adjusted to allow removal of decay only, maintaining healthy tooth, and because the stream of particles is so fine it allows us to remove minute sections of tooth making this system ideal for saving as much healthy tooth as possible.The cavity can then be restored with a white tooth coloured material to leave an invisible filling and a natural looking tooth.

Crescent dental health have invested in the latest air abrasion technology, The Aquacut Quattro, this machine uses four different powders allowing us to carry out a range of treatments. We can prepare fillings, remove composite( white ) fillings, remove stubborn stains, polish teeth and prepare crowns and teeth for adhesive bonding. The powder is delivered in a jet surrounded by water to improve cutting efficiency and eliminate the mess associated with the original powder only machines.

Using the Aquacut we can leave the surface of the tooth and any type of crown in the perfect state to achieve the strongest possible adhesive bond ensuring your fillings have the best chance of lasting longterm.

Sylc is the latest powder we use, developed by Prof. Avit Banerjee ( a world leader in minimally invasive treatment) and his team at Kings College London.

Sylc is bioactive, containing minerals, that rebuild damaged dentine and enamel. It contains calcium sodium phospho-silicates. When these minerals combine with water or saliva they form naturally occurring hydroxyapatite crystals which then become embedded in the tooth dentine via biological bonds . This floods the dentine tubules with minerals removing sensitivity and repairing or replacing minerals eroded by foods or bacteria


Pain Free – no need for anaesthetic or injections.
Silent operation – no noise or nasty vibrations.
Minimally Invasive, the fine jet of powder removes only decayed tooth, so smaller fillings.
Multiple restorations can be completed in different sections in one visit.
Sylc Powder, used to naturally rebuild enamel and dentine, to clean and desensitise teeth