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Bisphenol A BPA

At Crescent Dental Health, when we restore teeth we never use amalgam (the mercury containing silver filling) To place a tooth coloured restoration we either fit a custom made ceramic inlay/crown or a white composite filling, all our composite filling materials are BPA free. So what is BPA.

Bisphenol A is an industrial chemical present in some plastics and Epoxy Resins. It is often found in Poly carbonate Plastics, often used in food and water containers as well as the plastic coating of food tins and bottle tops. It is also found in some white dental composite fillings (as epoxy resin )

It is known that BPA can leach into foodstuffs especially when heated and there are some concerns about the effects of BPA within the body.

At present the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) feel it is safe at the low levels it is found in foods, this is based on the review of many studies, but the FDA continue to both monitor and fund research into the role of BPA

Steps to cut down on your BPA exposure;

  • Look for plastics marked “BPA Free”
  • Avoid heating BPA contain plastics in the microwave or placing them in dishwashers and the resultant breakdown of plastics increases BPA release.
  • Use Glass, Ceramic or Stainless Steel containers to heat/store food
  • Reduce the amount of canned food unless the tins are marked “BPA Free”