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Crescent Dental Health. Covid-19. Information for our patients

March 19, 2020

During this period we will try to keep the practice open to ensure the needs of our patients are met, while ensuring the safety of all our staff and patients.

We will be seeing reduced numbers of patients with larger spaces between each patient to allow us to disinfect and sterilise thoroughly between each patient.

If you are feeling unwell with a temperature it is important that you cancel your appointment and re-appoint when feeling better. Feel free to contact us for advice

If you have been in close contact with someone who has subsequently been asked to self isolate, please inform us early to allow us risk assess the situation.

We ask patients not to come early but to turn up at the appointed time so that there is minimal time spent in surgery and interactions are kept to a minimum.

We ask patients where possible to arrive at the surgery alone, keeping traffic through the surgery to a minimum is important for infection control.

Our dental chairs have inbuilt disinfection programmes and these will be run between each patient.

As always all equipment is fully sterilised and single use items are used where possible.

All hard surfaces, all door handles will be disinfected between each patient.

Patients will be offered non latex disposable gloves to wear while at the surgery, this will decrease the chances of cross contamination while in the surgery.

Patients will be asked to rinse with a 1.5% hydrogen peroxide solution prior to treatment. This is effective at reducing the bacterial/viral load within the mouth.

All treatment where possible will be carried out under rubber dam to minimise the risk of aerosol infection and provide protection to both staff and patients.

We have installed an air purification system within the surgery, that includes a HEPA nano protect filter. While this will not be effective against individual virus it will decrease the aerosol droplets in the air. This should increase the protection to the patients.

Patients who feel they are compromised, due to age or underlying health conditions should avoid routine treatment where possible, however if treatment is necessary we will make an appointment either at the start of the day or the very end and ensure the practice is as clean and clear of other patients during their appointment.

Patients with concerns may either text Mr Hurson via his mobile  07525357582 or 

e-mail at

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