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Diagnodent is a new way of detecting decay in the earliest stages in your teeth. It uses laser technology and has lots of advantages including speed and accuracy. Perhaps most importantly for patients however it is, painless, avoids the radiation exposure involved in classical dental x-rays and can be individually customised for your teeth.

These are just some of the reasons we invested in this technology and have made it available to our patients.

When a tooth begins to decay the surface enamel becomes more porous and this allows bacteria to penetrate through to the softer dentine beneath. The enamel then becomes undermined as the dentine further softens as a result of the decay at some stage the unsupported enamel roof caves in to form a cavity.

Dentists will always attempt to detect decay early and over the years methods have changed from probing the tooth to detect weakness in the enamel (this is the worst thing we can do) to the use of bright light to attempt to determine a difference in appearance of the undermined enamel.

More recently of course we have relied more heavily on x-rays which are very helpful in detecting decay. We are always careful to ensure that x-rays are taken using the minimum dose practicable however it is not possible to take a dental x-ray without exposing our patients to some radiation.

Now we have Diagnodent the modern way of diagnosing early dental decay which removes radiation exposure from the equation entirely. Early detection of decay allows us to offer patients preventative advice as well and sometimes even instead of treatment.

The Diagnodent emits light at a particular wavelength. This wavelength does not alter healthy tooth substance while decayed tooth on the other hand fluoresces and even more brilliantly the degree of fluorescence indicates the extent of the decay. This fluorescence is measured accurately by the Diagnodent to give us a reliable measurement of decay within the tooth. The measurement is more accurate than a x-ray without any radiation exposure.

The Diagnodent is over 90% accurate, even with the smallest of lesions and this allows us to preserve and protect the tooth. We can even monitor a lesion to see if the decay is progressing or if the preventative measures you are taking are working. This allow you participate in and take control of your oral health.