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Extra oral suction

July 22, 2020

As we all know, anyone infected with Covid-19, spreads the virus in their breath. This is a problem in dentistry as we are working in the mouth. Many of our instruments are air driven or use a water spray to cool teeth as we carry out work. So of we are unknowingly treating someone who is infected or if a member of staff is unknowingly infected, this air spray or aerosol may spread the infection to anyone in the room and infect surfaces in the surgery.

Our normal suction has been shown to reduce the aerosol by up to 95%, working at a 250 litres per min. This specially designed unit can work up to 3000 litres per minute. This creates an area of negative pressure in the clinical area around the patients head to protect the patient and dental team.  It quickly removes any harmful bacteria, viruses and other pathogens generated by the dental procedure.

The unit contains 3 stage Hepa-13  filtration to remove particles down to 0.3um the size of most virus. The unit also contains a UV-C chamber to destroy any remaining pathogens.  Just like the air purification it has an almost 100% first pass kill rate.

The extra oral suction unit is another layer of protection building on the air purification tower to make our working environment as safe as possible.

Wherever possible all treatment will be done under rubber dam, this isolates the tooth and so the air and water spray produced by the dental work isn’t mixing with the patients saliva or breath and so reduces the risk. If we are carrying out scaling and can’t use a rubber dam, we will use a non toxic antimicrobial solution as the coolant to reduce the risks.

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