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We are a private clinic, we do not receive any monies or grants from governments, and so our fees cover wages, investment in equipment, and ongoing education. Our fees are set allow us the time and materials to produce the best treatment, we can possibly deliver to each patient, the time to clean and prepare the surgery between appointments for patient safety.

I carefully consider where to invest money to help me provide the best care to our patients, I believe money spent to provide expensive decor is nice, but it doesn’t help my dentistry and ultimately my patients and so equipment and education always come first.

Exam (routine) 20 mins

includes any necessary intra-oral radiographs and velscope screening.

New Patient Consultation 40 mins

includes written report, radiographs, photos and velscope screening.

Hygienist appointment 20 mins £30.00

We are fully digital, to allow us to reduce the patients exposure to radiation. All intra-oral radiographs are included in the price of treatment/exams.

OPG £60.00
CT Scan (sectional) £100.00
CT scan (full) £150.00
CT scan (full with report) £200.00
Endodontic Treatment (root fillings)

For patient comfort and safety all treatment is carried out under rubber dam, the prices include the use of the Lasers to sterilise the canals and promote healing. All files are single use.

Assessment including radiographs £65.00
Incisor/canine £230.00
Premolar (Lower) £310.00
Premolar (Upper) £330.00
Molar £600.00
Core/post build up (metal free) £120.00
Removal of post or fractured files £200.00
Removal of failed root filling single canal £100.00
Removal of failed root filling double canal £130.00
Removal of failed root filling triple canal + £200.00

We do not use amalgam. All work is carried out using Composite or Glass ionomer. We work under rubber dam for patient safety and comfort, and to provide the optimum conditions for bonding. The price includes the use of our Laser for the optimum surface preparation and bonding. Larger restorations are reinforced with and 3D fibre inserts to improve strength and fracture resistance.

Occlusal Restoration (single surface) £70.00
with extension or cusp replacement £85.00
Two Surface Restoration £175.00
with extension or cusp replacement £190.00
Three Surface Restoration £210.00
with extension or cusp replacement £250.00
Cosmetic Contouring (per tooth) £200.00
Cast Restorative Work carried out by labs will be given a written quote – all lab work carries a three year guarantee for any problems that may occur.
CEREC (same day inlay/onlay/crowns) £650.00
Crowns, Inlays/onlays £575.00
Post/Core £135.00
Bridge per unit £550.00 written quote supplied for all bridges
Maryland Bridge (2 unit) £650.00 written quote for larger Maryland Bridges
Implant Treatment
Implant Assessment including intra-oral radiographs, models and photos £90.00
CT Scans as above, these are refunded if the patient proceeds with treatment.
Single implant and crown £2000.00
Denture, retained by implants from £2800.00
Full Arch Bridge retained by implants from £9500.00
All implant cases will have a full written report and quote with details of post treatment care and maintenance programme.
Periodontal Treatment
Assessment including any radiographs and photos £90.00
Treatment of periodontal disease.

A full written report will be supplied, the price includes use of our lasers, both to treat the disease
and for post operative healing.

£550.00 – £900.00
Review Appointments £60.00
Miscellaneous Items
Treatment of Ulcers/ cold sores with Laser/Ozone £20.00
Bleaching Teeth £250.00
Sports Biteguard (professional) £130.00
Bite Guard for Grinding £130.00
Velscope cancer screening (This is included for all practice members) £40.00


At the practice we run a Denplan preventative programme, with a monthly cost of £18.55 per month, one of the many benefits of this plan is a 10% fee reduction on any charged treatments. Please ask at reception for further details and information.

These prices serve as a guide.  A full quote is provided at the start of each treatment.