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Intra-osseous implants are a treatment used to replace a tooth, support a bridge or stabilise dentures, holding them firmly in place to give the wearer total confidence.

Titanium implants are placed within the bone of the jaw allowing us to anchor the various types of restorations securely in the mouth.

Planning is of paramount importance in producing a stable, long lasting, secure implant. It is important that the forces exerted on the implant are properly loaded and dispersed.

In the past we used standard x-rays and models of the teeth to plan and estimate the position of implants.

Now using new technology we can combine the data of the 3D and Cerec scan to produce an accurate model of a patients jaw with accurate representation of movement of the jaws. From this we are able to plan and carry out the implant case start to finish with complete accuracy to a tolerance of thousandths of a millimetre.

This is technology allowing us to work smarter for the benefit of our patients.

Mr Burgess our periodontist has a special interest in implants and places the implants. His knowledge and expertise in dealing with the gums allows us to achieve great looking results.

Implant Case Study