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Orthophos XG 3D scanner

This is the latest technology in producing exquisitely detailed 2&3D scans of the jaw. We can select from a wide range of different views of the jaw to allow detailed examination any section of the jaw while minimising radiation exposure to the patient.

It is a combination of cutting edge hardware and software programs that deliver this world-class performance.

Using the scanner in conjunction with the Cerec intra-oral scanner we can;

  • Plan implant cases from start to finish on a CadCam model, with an accuracy that surpasses traditional models.
  • Accurately predict the precise individual movement of a patients jaw to produce harmonious restorations and correct jaw discrepancies.
  • Assess a patients airways, and plan and produce special bite guard to eliminate sleep apnoea, a dangerous and potentially fatal condition.
  • The scanner can also be used to complete difficult root treatments, by producing a 3D scan of the tooth to identify blocked or hidden canals and anatomy.

    It allows us to examine any sinus within the skull or fully plan any surgical procedures before starting, with 3D scanners the days of exploratory surgery are gone.