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Healozone The painless way to treat decay NO DRILLING, NO INJECTIONS.

At the practice we have a Kavo Healozone unit. This is used in the practice in a number of ways to:

  • Arrest decay in teeth and allow the tooth to re-harden
  • Resolve cold sores
  • Instant healing of ulcers
  • Removing sensitivity in teeth

The Healozone unit produces Ozone. Ozone is a gas consisting of three oxygen molecules; this is highly unstable making it a very potent and fast acting oxidising agent. Ozone is produced naturally; in the atmosphere after a lightning strike, at the base of a waterfall or in heavy sea storms.

At certain concentrations Ozone will selectively attack bacteria, viruses and fungi destroying their cell walls.

  • Decay; is a bacterial invasion of the tooth. The bacteria travel into the tooth producing acid, it is the acid which softens the tooth to cause decay. When ozone is applied to the tooth it destroys the bacteria and neutralises the acid, stopping decay in its tracks. If minerals are then applied to the tooth it will reharden.
  • Healing Cold Sores and Ulcers; we use Ozone for rapid healing and immediate pain relief. Ulcers, cold sores and the associated inflammation are the result of bacterial and viral infections. To cure these infections the source of the infection needs to be eliminated. Applying ozone to the affected area brings immediate pain relief. Ozone kills the cell wall of the virus and bacteria but does not affect the healthy tissue; this disinfects the wound and allows rapid regrowth of new tissue.
  • Sensitivity; is caused by either inflammation/fluid in the tooth or a chemical reaction from the mouth with bacterial by-products in the tooth. Ozone penetrates the tooth and reduces the fluid inflammation and dissolves the bacterial by-products, stopping the chemical reaction and thereby relieving the sensitivity. This will last 3-6 months.

At the practice we use ozone in a number of different ways, patients are delighted with the fast painless results delivered and how it helps to protect their teeth.

It can help protect children’s teeth during orthodontic treatment when there is an increased chance of decay.

We use ozone during root fillings to help fight infection, increasing the chance of a successful treatment in less time.

The ozone can also be used with deep decay close to the nerve to help avoid root treatment.