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Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

April 07, 2017

As a coach involved with Larne Swimming Club and as a healthcare professional, I am aware of how important a healthy diet is for an athlete. We recently had an ex-swimmer and registered dietitian, Julianne Larkin talk to our swimmers and parents about eating well.

Following the meeting I had a long chat with Julianne about refined sugar.  On how pervasive and damaging I felt it was in our modern diet. I am always nagging the kids at the club about, sports drinks, mass produced chocolate and the high street food chains.

I recently competed with BRA at the British Lifesaving Speeds and  currently hold a couple of masters records and this year was part of a relay team to take another record. As my youngest son leaves BRA, next year will probably be my last year to compete at this competition. I have yet to compete in all the masters events and so I have promised to compete in every individual and all relays as a final goodbye next year. To compete in every event will require me to be as fit as possible. To this end I contacted Julianne for help to I improve and maximise my diet as much as possible. In particular I want to eliminate refined sugar as much as possible from my diet.

I will log my training and provide Julianne with a complete record of everything I eat and drink.  She will then advise me on how to improve my diet and get the best results from my training. In particular, I want Julianne to point out any hidden sugars and how to best adapt my diet to the training volumes and times.

We will both look for, and post our favourite recipes for people to try out if they want.

My Stats

I have had my vitals of; weight (too heavy), BMI (far from ideal), Blood pressure (slightly high), Cholesterol (slightly raised). As I go through the year I will have these repeated and hopefully will see big improvements.

As a swimmer I completed a test swim set of 24 x 100 metre swims, repeating off 1min 40 secs. I could only manage 12 when repeating off 1min 35 secs. My aim is to be able to successfully carry out a 24 x 100 metre swim set off 1min 20 secs.

At the 2018 speeds, just competing in every event will be tough enough. In addition I hope to get records in 50% of the events.

I hope it will make interesting reading.  We will provide some easy healthy recipes and give good advice on how to improve your own diet.

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    Excellent. Include a little daily Tai Chi and meditation for nurture of parasympathetic system and mental well-being.

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