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Adult Maintenance & Preventative Program

Great savings with a simple and flexible Denplan dentist plan

Denplan Essentials Adult Maintenance and Preventative Programme for just £18.55 per month, that works out to just 61p a day. A nominal monthly payment gives you a comprehensive programme of early prevention and treatment. It’s an easy way to pay for your dental maintenance.


Patients on our programme are given a yearly 45 minute appointments at our surgery in North Belfast, including:

– A complete examination

– All necessary X-rays

– Full use of the Ozone treatment (Currently this is a charge of £40 per tooth to patients outside the Maintenance and Prevention Programme).

You will also receive two yearly 30 minute appointments with our Therapist/Hygienist

– Full mouth scaling

– Oral hygiene and diet instruction

– Topical fluoride application

– Toothbrushes, floss and disclosing tablets as necessary

Adult patients registered in the Denplan Essentials Programme will be given:

– A 10% deduction on the cost of any restorative work carried out

– £15,000 insurance cover in the event of a traumatic incident or discovery of oral cancer

Our programme provides effective preventative care with the highest quality dental treatment in the safest possible environment.

To find out more please speak to a member of staff at your next visit.

Below you will find useful information about the Adult Maintenance and Preventative Programme.
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Adult Maintenance and Preventative Programme