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Childrens Maintenance & Preventative Programme

Give your children the gift of confidence for life for less than 61p per savings with a simple and flexible Denplan dentist plan

At Crescent Dental Health Belfast, we believe that the ultimate dental treatment is preventative. Our programme is designed to give your children the best possible chance to avoid tooth decay.

Did you know?
As second/permanent teeth come into the mouth they are immature and very soft. Between the ages of 8-18 years is considered the Golden Period of prevention, if the teeth are free from decay at 18 they are unlikely to decay in the future.


Go through life with the confidence of :

A beautiful, even, white smile

Natural healthy teeth

Never needing an injection, fillings, crowns or root treatment

Children on our programme are given four appointments yearly and two with our Therapist/Hygienist.
These appointments include:

Treatment with Ozone and fluoride to arrest any early decay at a microscopic level

Instruction on diet and teeth cleaning

Provision with a high fluoride toothpaste

We use a software package from the University of Malmo, Sweden to predict
a child’s individual decay-risk and the steps required to reduce that decay.

Any decay which develops will be treated with white composite restorations* as we will not use amalgam fillings on children due to mercury content.

We assess all children for possible malocclusion and arrange early referral for orthodontic assessment with a specialist

Denplan Essentials Children’s Maintenance and Preventative Programme delivers an insurance policy of £15,000 to cover any accidents or trauma that children may incur.

To find out more please speak to a member of staff at your next visit.

* Treatment of decay will be at no charge unless children are not complying with treatment about which parents will be informed in writing.