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Patients have the right to expect to be treated in a safe environment, sterilization protocols are an important part of this. At the practice we have carried out an audit of sterilization and hygiene procedures. We are implementing protocols more extensive than those required under the current Health and Safety legislation. Our fees are set to allow us invest in the best sterilization equipment and to have the time between patients to carry out thorough cleaning of the surgery.

Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C pose the greatest danger in the Dental practice, the viruses are difficult to destroy and easily spread via blood saliva or mucus. These forms of Hepatitis are rapidly spreading within the population and if contracted is potentially life threatening.

• We will use single use disposable instruments when possible.

• At the practice we have invested heavily in equipment to allow us to sterilize all instruments for every patient. We have twenty handpieces, multiple scalers, and air syringes, sufficient hand instruments to work for a full day without the need for sterilization.

• We have two full- time sterilization autoclaves one of which specifically cleans disinfects and sterilizes handpieces. We carry a third sterilizer boxed to cover breakdowns.

• We provide new Endodontic Files for each patient when carrying out a root filling. During root filling we are removing nerve tissue. Patients suffering C.J.D. carry the infected prions within the nerve tissue; these are very difficult to destroy by routine sterilization. Current government guidelines state it is safe to reuse files between patients. I am not prepared to accept this advice as the disease is not fully understood, levels of infection unknown, with new strains appearing.

• Our dental chairs have been fitted with closed water lines using distilled water. These lines are disinfected between each patient, thus preventing bacteria being harboured within the chair’s systems.

• We were one of the first practices to buy a medical instrument washer to clean all instruments in fresh, heated, disinfected water prior to sterilization in sealed pouches.

• All equipment used on any patient will be presented to the patient in sealed sterilized pouches, opened in the presence of the patient

• All surfaces are cleaned with Sterilox a liquid 100 times more effective than bleach. Destroys virus, bacteria, fungi, spores and TB but is non toxic to human contact.