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Vision & Magnification

In Dentistry the old adage “if you can’t see it you can’t treat it” rings true, vision is everything. At the practice we routinely use our Zeiss magnifying loupes, intra oral cameras and are one of the few practices to have an operating microscope, to aid diagnosis and treatment.

“Seeing is believing”

The operating microscope gives unrivalled magnification in dentistry; a halogen beam passes through the lens so that, whatever is being viewed, is perfectly illuminated. The dental chair has a screen to allow us transmit the view of the operating microscope or images taken from either of our intra oral cameras. The cameras allow us to view hard to visualise areas of the mouth, these help us to explain treatments to the patients. We routinely take pictures at various stages of a procedure to ensure patients are fully informed about their treatment. The images from the camera can be saved to the patient’s file to aid our records.

By using the loupes and microscope we are able to prepare and place the smallest possible restorations, and check and polish margins to the finest tolerances. Minimal invasion maintains healthy tooth structure, the smaller the filling the stronger the tooth. Equally in preparing crowns and bridges we use the magnification at each stage to produce the best possible fit and finish, aiding the lifespan of the crown.