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Sterilisation and Decontamination

It is always an important consideration for us that all our patients are treated in a safe environment and consider this to a basic right for all our patients. Decontamination and infection prevention protocols are an important part of this. We constantly audit our protocols and procedures, testing our equipment on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, the results are stored and are available for inspection. We would not compromise patient safety in this regard and have always determined our treatment fees to accommodate investing in the best sterilisation equipment . In addition we schedule appointments to ensure the team have all the time they require between patients to thoroughly clean the surgery in preparation for your appointment.

This adherence to protocol and attention to detail helps protect you from diseases which are spread by saliva and blood mucus such as hepatitis. Hepatitis continues to increase in prevalence and if contracted is potentially life threatening.

At the practice we have installed a new sterilisation suite that is fully compliant with new standards introduced in 2014.

Our equipment comprises of two vacuum sterilisers, a steam steriliser, medical washer disinfector and a specialist unit to wash, oil, steam clean and sterilise our hand-pieces.

We have spent additional resource in backup or contingency systems ensuring we can continue to provide care as normal should one steriliser break down . In fact it is even possible for us to treat you with previously sterilised equipment in the extremely unlikely scenario two sterilisers were out of action. All our equipment is packaged in sealed pouches after decontamination and opened only at the point of use. We use disposable instruments whenever possible and have twenty hand-pieces, multiple scalers and enough hand instruments to work for over a day without the need to sterilise. This ensures we can treat you with confidence and you can relax in our hands knowing we always plan ahead .

Our Dental Chairs and all equipment using water sprays are closed line systems, using distilled water, these water lines are disinfested between each patient, thus preventing bacteria being harboured within water lines.

All surfaces are cleaned with Sterilox, a liquid 100 times more effective than bleach. It destroys virus, bacteria, fungi, spores and TB but is non toxic to human contact.

Your safety is our priority so if you are uncertain about any aspect of our decontamination or cleanliness do not hesitate to ask